Our Music Specialist program helps students to not only create beautiful music but to understand the history and cultural significance of music. We acknowledge that Music helps to enhance students’ academic and emotional learning, which helps to build success in other areas of the curriculum.  We have opportunities for students to extend their skills in extra-curricular activities, like Beginner and Advanced Guitar Group and Ukulele Group at lunchtimes.

Swan Hill Primary School also offers students the opportunity to participate in our School Choir on a Friday afternoon. There is an abundance of opportunity for students to sing in our community and our choir perform regularly. Events include: Swan Hill Music Showcase, State Schools Extravangza, Alcheringa Residential Care, Swan Hill Neighbourhood House’s Forest of Christmas Trees Exhibit, and the Swan Hill Carols by Candlelight.

Students in Year 5 and 6 are encouraged to learn an instrument and receive instrumental lessons. We have a Swan Hill Primary School Band, who perform regularly around the local area to the delight of listeners. We are proud of how our students show great dedication to learning an instrument and practising weekly.