Policies are integral to our school community and ensure that procedures are in place to protect our staff and students. As educators, we believe that it is our role to ensure all students are safe, happy and make growth in their learning.

These principles are reflected in our policies.

Swan Hill Primary School uses Online Services to provide the best education setting available for our students and staff. Many of these services allow for students, staff and parents to access services and learning opportunities easily. They are an important part of our curriculum and allow students to build 21st Century Learner skills. We have up-to-date Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) for each online service we use at school. We are currently using the following online services: Sentral Education, Microsoft Office 365, Mathletics, Reading Eggs, Facebook and our School Website. As a school, we have carefully chosen online services and completed a PIA to ensure the safety of students’ information and identity online.