Digital Technologies

Classroom teachers from Foundation to Year 6 teach Digital Technologies in the classroom.

Our Digital Technologies lessons help students be effective users of technology, and extends their ICT capabilities to meet 21st Century Learning skills. Students are moving from technology consumers to technology creators! Coding, digital systems, stop-animation and green screen productions are just some of important concepts been taught across the school. Cyber safety is a key focus in all lessons and we are proud to be registered as an eSmart School.

We have 1:1 Netbooks for students in Year 3, 4, 5 and 6, which allows students to collaborate and build their 21st Century Learning skills.  Other technology like iPads, Promethean Boards, and Netbooks are used to help implement the curriculum in the classroom. Students across the school are accessing coding skills through our Science program, and this knowledge is helping to enhance students Digital Technologies skills even further!