Additional Support Services

At Swan Hill Primary School, every child’s face, has a place! It is important that all students feel a sense of belonging, respect and are provided with the support they need at an individual level. We have various additional support services that allow students to make growth in their learning.

Teaching and Learning Coaches:

We have Teaching and Learning Coaches for all year levels. The coaches role is to help support staff in their planning, assessment and data analysis to ensure every child is making the expected growth in their learning. Our coaches conduct professional development at staff meetings, focusing on High Impact Teaching Strategies to ensure the best practices are implemented.

“So no matter where the student starts, you want to see growth and at least a year’s progress for a year’s input.”

-Professor John Hattie

Education Support staff (ES):

We have many Education Support staff that work in classrooms, providing support for teachers and students. These staff conduct various programs to meet the needs of students, including speech sessions (liaison with Speech Pathologist), EMU Maths, and Bridges Literacy and Numeracy program. ES meet regularly to discuss strategies, and concerns with the Wellbeing leader.

Reading Stars:

Nominated members from our school community volunteer to support reading within our classrooms.

English as an Additional Language (EAL):

Swan Hill is a multicultural society, which ensures great diversity within our school and community. At Swan Hill Primary School, we have an English as an Additional Language Coordinator. Support is provided for newly arrived families and individual student support sessions are conducted to help develop English skills. We have two Multicultural Aides, who provide support to Vietnamese and Chinese students in the classroom. Teachers are trained to use the Interpreter Phone System to help communicate with parents with limited English skills.

Koorie Engagement Support Officer (KESO):

At Swan Hill Primary, approximately 15% of our school population are Koorie students. These students and their families, are supported by our Koorie Engagement Support Officer. We also run a Homework Class for our Koorie students one afternoon each week to help support their learning.

Support Services:

At Swan Hill Primary School, we employ a Speech Pathologist for one day each week to work with students’ speech and oral language development. Our Speech Pathologist also conducts screening tests with all Prep students, with parent consent.

The school has access to external support agencies, including Psychologists, Social Workers, Guidance Officer, Occupational Therapists or School Chaplain.