Student Wellbeing has a high emphasis at our school, which helps ensure students are safe, happy and ready to learn. We believe it is important to develop the whole child’s academic, physical, social and emotional skills.

Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy

Messages and activities at assemblies, lunchtimes and in the classroom, reflect our Wellbeing philosophy:

“Successful schools start with healthy minds”


At Swan Hill Primary School, we are fortunate to have a Wellbeing leader to support our staff, students and parents. We are proud to be recognised as a Kidsmatter school, and our staff attend regular Professional Development in this area. Staff have also been trained in the Berry Street Education Model, and are training in School-Wide Positive Behaviours Framework, which helps schools develop strategies to engage all students. Restorative Practice, TRIBES activities, Respectful Relationships, and an emphasis on our School Values for Student of the Week awards, help to reinforce a positive message to students. For more information about our Wellbeing Policies, click on the Policies page of this website.

Our Wellbeing leader also manages our program for Students with Disabilities. This involves working with staff and external agencies to make sure the needs of students with disabilities are met, including engaging support services, such as a Speech Pathologist, Social Workers, Psychologist & Guidance Officer, or School Chaplain.

Our School Chaplain conducts programs with groups of students, but more often works with individual students and their parents. School Chaplaincy has a valued role within our school, and helps our students and their parents through difficult times or trauma-related issues.

If you would like more information about any of the services mentioned, please contact the school and speak with a member of leadership.

Lunchtime Activities

Positive engagement at break-times is an important element of students’ social and emotional wellbeing at school. We provide opportunities at lunchtime to help support students in the yard, and provide a sense of belonging in our school community. Our lunchtime activities are aimed at different interests: Yoga and Mediation Craft Club Team sport games Library … Continue reading Lunchtime Activities

Additional Programs

We offer a range of supports and services to ensure our students have a sense of belonging and are ready to learn. These are designed to help students succeed in all areas of the life, not just the curriculum, and include: Breakfast Club– Open each day from 8:15am-8:55am and provides breakfast for all students who … Continue reading Additional Programs