Wellbeing matters at Swan Hill Primary School. We are very proud of our Whole School Wellbeing approach where Wellbeing is all about knowing our students, and the links between their physical, emotional and social health, to create a supportive and welcoming place to learn.  We collaborate with parents and carers to support student health and wellbeing and celebrate and value the diversity of our school community.

We explicitly teach and embed social and emotional skills related to personal safety, resilience, inclusion, decision making and help-seeking through Respectful Relationships and School Wide Positive Behaviour Support. These initiatives also aim to promote positive attitudes, behaviours and equality within our school community. Our school values of Respect, Belonging, Responsibility and Commitment support us to create and maintain a safe and respectful learning environment where we take a whole-school approach to positive behaviour, so that all forms of bullying, aggression and violence can be prevented. We encourage and value up-stander behaviour and we work closely with our students to provide them with effective strategies to express their needs and build self-confidence.

The school is divided in to Sub Schools and we have three dynamic Sub School Leaders who work with our school’s Wellbeing Leader and Classroom Teachers to help meet the needs of our students. This allows for a more tailored and holistic approach to student Wellbeing.

For students with disabilities we pride ourselves on offering inclusive education that is strengths based, where each student can and will learn, and succeed. We work with outside agencies to best support our students.

Breakfast Club is open to all students every morning, and encourages students to prepare and enjoy breakfast to ensure they have a full tummy and are ready to learn. It is also a great way for students to socialise, gain independence and better connect with peers and staff, including our school Chaplain.

We are a Child Safe School, were children feel safe, happy, and empowered, and where they are respected and have a voice that is heard.

Lunchtime Activities

Positive engagement at break-times is an important element of students’ social and emotional wellbeing at school. We provide opportunities at lunchtime to help support students in the yard, and provide a sense of belonging in our school community. Our lunchtime activities are aimed at different interests: Craft Club Team sport games Library activities Lego Club … Continue reading Lunchtime Activities

Additional Programs

We offer a range of supports and services to ensure our students have a sense of belonging and are ready to learn. These are designed to help students succeed in all areas of the life, not just the curriculum, and include: Breakfast Club– Open each day from 8:15am-8:55am and provides breakfast for all students who … Continue reading Additional Programs

School Wide Positive Behavior

What Is School Wide Positive Behaviour Support? (SWPBS) School-wide positive behaviour support (SWPBS) is a framework that brings together school communities to develop positive, safe, supportive learning cultures. SWPBS assists schools to improve social, emotional, behavioural and academic outcomes for children and young people. The goal of School Wide Positive Behaviour Support at SHPS is … Continue reading School Wide Positive Behavior