Specialist Subjects

At Swan Hill Primary, we believe it is important to expand the whole child’s academic, physical, social and emotional skills in all areas of the curriculum. We offer diverse and unique Specialists programs for students in Foundation to Year 6.

These subjects allow students to identify passions, build on their existing skills and enjoy the engagement of a different learning area. Each child experiences the Specialist subjects for 45 minutes per week. Our classroom teachers plan and collaborate together, with teaching and learning coaches, during this time.

Mental Health

Each fortnight all students in the school get to experience our Mental Health Specialist program. Classes run for 45 minutes and have a strong focus on emotional literacy, gratitude, the brain and how we learn, movement, mindfulness and meditation plus so much more. But most importantly the sessions are about having FUN to release the … Continue reading Mental Health


Learning a language provokes students’ curiosity with the world, inspires new experiences, and immerses students in different cultures & traditions. Swan Hill Primary School has been implementing an Indonesian language program since 2015. Foundation to Year Six students are learning Indonesian for 45 minutes each week.  It enhances students’ existing English language skills and improves … Continue reading Indonesian


Our Music Specialist program helps students to not only create beautiful music but to understand the history and cultural significance of music. We acknowledge that Music helps to enhance students’ academic and emotional learning, which helps to build success in other areas of the curriculum.  We have opportunities for students to extend their skills in … Continue reading Music

Physical Education

Physical Education helps students to develop team spirit, co-operation and good sportsmanship skills. Students from Foundation to Year 6, participate in weekly Physical Education skills session.  Our students experience a lot of success at our sports carnivals and often go on to compete at higher levels, including Region and State level.  Classroom teachers are also … Continue reading Physical Education


Swan Hill Primary prides itself on our unique Science program, and students from Foundation to Year 6 participate for 45 minutes each week. This is a chance for students to explore, problem-solve and discover the answer for themselves.  Science activities are designed to be ‘hands-on’; with no reading and answering questions out of a text … Continue reading Science

Digital Technologies

Classroom teachers from Foundation to Year 6 teach Digital Technologies in the classroom. Our Digital Technologies lessons help students be effective users of technology, and extends their ICT capabilities to meet 21st Century Learning skills. Students are moving from technology consumers to technology creators! Coding, digital systems, stop-animation and green screen productions are just some … Continue reading Digital Technologies

Art & Library

Our alternating Art and Library lessons are conducted by classroom teachers for 90 minutes each week. Art provides students with the opportunity to explore unique talents and be exposed to different techniques and mediums through project-based practice. Our Library provides a flexible learning space for all classrooms to enjoy and is a great resource centre … Continue reading Art & Library