Our teaching practices are highly regarded by other schools in Victoria. Our school culture promotes professional learning for all teachers, including Education Support staff (ES). We use recent research, as the basis for our teaching and learning curriculum to ensure academic success and life-long learners.

In 2020, Swan Hill Primary School were the winners of the 2020 Victorian Education Excellence Awards, Outstanding Koorie Education award. This was a very proud moment for our school to be recognised for our achievements in this area and the academic gains of our Koorie students.

Additional Support Services

At Swan Hill Primary School, every child’s face, has a place! It is important that all students feel a sense of belonging, respect and are provided with the support they need at an individual level. We have various additional support services that allow students to make growth in their learning. Teaching and Learning Coaches: We … Continue reading Additional Support Services

Specialist Subjects

At Swan Hill Primary, we believe it is important to expand the whole child’s academic, physical, social and emotional skills in all areas of the curriculum. We offer diverse and unique Specialists programs for students in Foundation to Year 6. These subjects allow students to identify passions, build on their existing skills and enjoy the … Continue reading Specialist Subjects


At Swan Hill Primary, we ensure students are involved in hands-on Mathematics sessions and real-life problem solving activities. Our teachers plan explicit and engaging lessons for our students and have completed lots of professional development with highly-acclaimed Educational Consultants like Rob Vingerhoets, Michael Ymer and Andrea Hillbrick. Our Essential Assessment Online Learning Program allows students to work … Continue reading Mathematics


At Swan Hill Primary, we ensure students are developing English skills to allow them to be life-long learners. We foster a love of reading and writing in our students and use interest-based approaches in the classroom to engage students in their learning. We implement research-based literacy programs: Foundation-Year 2 Students in Foundation are involved in … Continue reading English

Inquiry Learning

Inquiry Learning is a student interest-based program from Year 1 to Year 6 that allows students to learn more about the world around us. Students research a topic question for the term and uncover answers that they cannot just “google”. Inquiry learning allows students to be exposed to a topic through lots of ‘tuning-in’ activities, … Continue reading Inquiry Learning