Courtney Tepper

Swan Hill Primary School have embraced our family. They are very welcoming and inclusive to all families; making sure your children’s well-being is supported, alongside their academic achievements. This combined approach has supported my children, who transition between two homes, with outstanding communication between all staff and the classroom teachers. My children’s emotional , social , physical and academic needs are well supported. I enjoy how the school embraces diversity and teaches respect and responsibility that flows into our home. I value the communication through the use of various apps to help me stay connected to my children’s teachers for continuous involvement in my children’s education without the need for being face to face with the teacher. The school supports children who need extra support or extending in their learning; they really do tailor amazing teaching approaches and strategies to support all individual children and no one goes under the radar . The staff are always friendly and open. I know my children are in a safe , supportive and nurturing environment outside of their home.